Wendy Bowen


  • Physical Therapy

  • IMS/Dry Needling

  • Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy 

  • Myofascial Release Techniques

  • Craniosacral Therapy

Wendy Bowen, PT, BHSC. Kin, FCAMPT

Wendy has been practicing Physiotherapy for over 16 years. For the last 7, her primary focus has been on Orthopaedics and Sports injury. She  also has experience with Stroke and Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Joint Replacements, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Wound Care, and Neuromuscular (MS, Parkinson's) Rehabilitation. She has worked with individuals of all ages, from a 6 month old with Cerebral Palsy to adults and seniors with a variety of health conditions.


Wendy is an an avid recreational athlete. Through this, she has an understanding of many athletic injuries and can relate to wanting to get back in the game and quickly resuming the activity someone loves. Wendy regularly plays ice hockey, and keeps fit by swimming, biking, and performing strength and stretching exercises. In 2007, she completed her first ever Half Ironman.