Types of Clients We Serve

We serve several types of clients at our clinics including: private, MSP, ICBC, RCMP, DVA/DND and WorkSafe BC. For our rates, please see our rates page here.

Private Clients:


Private clients include those who pay out-of-pocket for therapy or have a 3rd party insurer that covers their therapy visits.

MSP Clients:


The Medical Services Plan (MSP) of BC no longer subsidizes any physiotherapy services for individuals in BC unless your total family income for the previous tax year was $42,000 or less. This is referred to as qualifying for supplementary benefits. In order to determine this, we will need to take your Personal Health Number and your date of birth to check with MSP to see if you qualify and what benefits remain.


If at any point during the year your income increases above $42,000 and an income reassessment is performed by Canada Revenue, you will be responsible for the regular clinic rate (this can apply to previously attended sessions within the calendar year).

MSP provides coverage, as outlined above, for 10 treatments per year. However, these treatments are not exclusive to physiotherapy. They also apply to chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, and foot care. Therefore, you have 10 visits total to be used amongst these services, and not 10 visits for each specialty.

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ICBC Clients:


If your injury is a result of a motorized vehicle accident, prior to booking you should have an ICBC claim number.  If your claim has not yet been approved, you may still attend physiotherapy however you may be required to pay for your visits in full until the time of approval.  

Please bring your claim number and name of your ICBC adjuster to your first session.

If a lawyer is covering your therapy fees, please bring in an authorization letter from your lawyer or have them fax it over.

We do not offer direction-to-pay.


We are proud to accept RCMP members at our clinics and direct bill for all therapy.


If you have been injured directly at work, please have Occupational Health Services fax us or bring in an authorization for your therapy.


We bill directly for Veterans Affairs and Army/Navy clients.

If you are an Army/Navy client please bring in your referral from the base.

Veterans Affairs & Army/Navy Clients:


WorkSafe BC Clients:


If your injury is a result of a workplace accident or situation WorkSafe BC will issue you a claim number and case worker.  


Your approved claim will ensure that you will not be required to pay for services that you receive from our clinic.  This is applicable to physiotherapy services only at our Gibbins Location.


Should for any reason WorkSafe BC deem your claim ineligible, you will then become responsible for the payment of services.

We now offer pool therapy for WSBC clients!