TeleHealth Video Consults

To adapt our clinic to the current times, we are proud to offer TeleHealth Video Sessions. You can participate via your home computer or smart phone and can participate from the comfort of your home!

Please note this only currently being offered for physiotherapy and kinesiology at our regular clinic rate and appointment lengths.

TeleHealth visits are performed through our Jane online booking system, are encrypted, secure and meet all Provincial and Federal personal health information requirements.

You can participate in our TeleHealth sessions with either your smart phone or home/laptop computer.  

All you need is a valid email address and an up-to-date browser. 

Please click here for system requirements.

Please see this guide on how to join our TeleHealth Visits:

How do these TeleHealth Visits differ from out regular visits?

These sessions let us do about 90-99% of what is done during an in-person visit.


Some of the things you can expect during a TeleHealth video appointment:
* Detailed history
* Understanding your pain and its contributors
* Determining a plan and implementing it
* Documentation as per normal in your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
* Guided assessment with video analysis
* Education and support
* Exercises, activity modifications, self-treatment strategies and progressions to your current program


Although these sessions do not allow us to provide our usual hands-on assessment and treatment approach, and as such we cannot do our regular manual therapy, massage, joint mobilization, adjustments or dry needling. However, these sessions still provide much needed information, education, guidance and exercise supervision for your injury or condition.

Some insurance companies offer coverage for these, but others do not. Please call ask to confirm if your session is covered!

What You'll Need

- Something to hold or support your phone or computer

- Loose and comfortable clothing that can expose the areas of focus

- chair or movable sitting surface

- free floor space

- exercise equipment: weights, bands, exercise mat, yoga strap, lacrosse/tennis ball, foam roller

- a 3rd person can be valuable on your end for touch and guided sessions, but is not necessary

System Requirements:


Jane system requirements are:

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 or higher

  • Mac OS 10.9 or higher


  • Chrome v23 or higher

  • Firefox v34 or higher

  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher (if TLS 1.1 is enabled)

  • Safari v7 or higher

  • Edge

Mobile Browsers:

  • Safari v5 and higher

  • Chrome on Android Jelly Bean 4.1-4.3.1 and Android KitKat 4.4-4.4.4 (if TLS 1.1 is enabled)

  • Chrome on Android Lollipop 5.0-5.0.2 and higher (TLS 1.1 is enabled by default)

  • Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 8 (if TLS 1.1 is enabled)

  • Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 8.1 and higher (TLS 1.1 is enabled by default)

  • Edge all versions

  • Opera 12.18 or higher