We offer direct billing to most 3rd party insurers!

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Physical Therapy Services

Standard Rates:

Initial Visit (60 minutes): $125

Initial Visit (45 minutes):  $95

Follow up Visit:                   $79

For MSP Eligible Clients:

Initial Visit: $65

This is for clients who are eligible for premium assistance under the BC provincial health plan (MSP). Coverage will be verified prior to the visit.

Follow up: $40

For those who qualify for premium assistance under MSP, you are allowed up for 10 visits per year. 

Follow up After 10 visits: $65

Specialty Rates:

WorkSafe BC: $0 (on approved claim)

ICBC User Fee: $0 (on approved claim)

Pelvic Health (one hour):  $140

RCMP Fee: $0 

DVA & Army/Navy Fee: $0

Athletic Therapy/Kinesiology

Initial Assessment (60 minutes) $75

30 minute follow up: $50

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Massage Therapy Services

60 minutes: $100*

45 minutes: $80*

30 minutes: $55*

Manual Lymphatic Drainage: $100*

This is a specialty service provided by Connie Klotz


*Prices include GST

Additional Treatments

Laser Therapy: $75

Custom Bracing: $75 + brace

The cost of the brace varies depending on your needs. 

Orthotics: $400 

This includes the fitting and adjustments for up to 6 months.

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