Information for New Clients

Your First Appointment (Initial Assessment):

Your first appointment will be the initial assessment, where your complaint or injury will be assessed and diagnosed. Your therapist will provide you with information and education on your condition and a discussion as to how your therapist can help.


A thorough history of your condition, followed by a physical exam specific to your complaint will be performed. This often includes range of motion measurements, muscle length tests, as well as provocative tests in order to try to understand the true source of your problem.

To prepare for your first appointment, please be prepared to discuss how (or how you think):

  • your injury or condition occurred

  • what makes you feel better or worse

  • what your goals are 

  • therapy expectations

  • your past medical and injury history

Show up 15 minutes early to fill out our intake paperwork.


Please also bring the following:

  • your health card

  • list of medications you are currently taking

  • X-ray or other imaging reports

  • a doctor's referral if you have one

  • your insurance card if you have 3rd party insurance

  • please bring your claim number if you are covered by ICBC or WorkSafe BC

How to prepare:

What to wear:

Make sure we can access the part of your body that needs attention. We recommend bringing a loose pair of shorts, no matter what you’re being seen for.


Ladies should bring a tank top or sports bra that shows as much of the shoulder blade and upper back as possible.