I have been in a motor-vehicle accident, what do I do?

  • See your doctor! Go see your family physician, attend a walk-in clinic or the emergency department to have your injury assessed. A doctor can make recommendations for time off work, therapy, prescribe you medication or order medical testing/imaging for your injury.

  • Call ICBC to report the accident: 1-800-910-4222

  • You will will receive a claim number from ICBC, please keep this!


When can I start therapy?

  • Once you have your claim number, call us as soon as possible to book your initial assessment. The sooner we can see you, the sooner we can help get you back to normal.

  • ICBC will initially approve 12 weeks of therapy (from your accident date), including:

    • 25 physiotherapy visits

    • 12 massage therapy visits

    • 12 kinesiology visits

    • 12 acupuncture visits

  • Good news! We have all three at our clinic and direct bill all therapy costs on accepted claims, so the cost to you is zero!​

What do I need?

Please bring the following to your first appointment?

  • Claim Number

  • Accident date

  • PHN

  • A doctor's referral (recommended but not required if your first visit is within 12 weeks of your accident date)

  • If you have a lawyer, their name and number