Eric Ginter


From the injured worker to the athlete, I strive to help people achieve their peak health and performance. I get satisfaction in helping my clients get out of pain, and to move better. Our bodies are designed for movement, and when movement breaks down, pain is often the result. This means that in order to move often, you have to be able to move well first. Part of the therapy I offer is to coach, improve, and establish optimal movement patterns. I am a big believer that “exercise is medicine!”.

I have done extensive training in different forms of therapy to better help my clients optimize their movement and recover from their injuries. One of these forms of therapy is a treatment methodology known worldwide as Neurokinetic Therapy®. This method is efficient and thorough at uncovering the underlying cause or driver to someone’s pain. It ensures that I am treating the area that is causing your pain, NOT just treating your symptoms. For this reason, I thoroughly enjoy working with those that suffer from chronic and recurring issues, those that haven’t succeeded in other types of therapies, and those that have been told they will have to simply just “live with their pain”.

Further, one key area that I am extremely passionate about is concussion management and rehabilitation. Whether by sport or motor vehicle accident, the concussion phenomenon is far more complex than most realize, and my training ensures that no aspects of concussion go ignored. I have even gone as far as to establish my very own comprehensive concussion exam to better aid my clients.

I was born and raised in Northern BC, but fell in love with the island several years ago while attending UVic. In my spare time, you’ll likely find me swimming at the beach, kayaking, or hiking a nearby trail with my dog, Lola.