We at Start Line are doing our part to minimize the transmission of COVID-19, protect our patients and staff and to offer the best quality care we possibly can. 

As a result our clinic policies have changed. Please read the entirety of this page if you plan on attending in-person visits!


In preparation for your appointment, please review the following important information.
By entering our clinics currently, you consent that:

  • any therapy treatment involves some risk of COVID-19 transmission

  • our clinics are following a protocol to reduce or mitigate risk, but that risk cannot be reduced to zero

  • you are attending treatment despite some risk


Patient Safety & Protection Procedures

1. Pre-Appointment COVID Screen & Preparation: Patients, Providers, and Staff must be healthy - no fever, no new cough, no difficulty breathing, and no travel within 14 days. A questionnaire will be posted as a poster outside the clinic that you must answer and PASS prior to entering the clinic – we are asking clients to go through this 3 part questionnaire a day before their appointment, the morning of, and right before coming into the clinic (for EVERY appointment).  ** A copy of these questions is listed at the bottom of this page.
2. We require that patients wear an air filtration mask to their appointments (our supplies are limited, but we have a few to sell at our cost of $2 per piece). We will be requiring masks at all times in the clinic and in the treatment rooms. Re-usable and washable masks are acceptable, but general face coverings and balaclavas are not acceptable. If you have a medical exemption, please let our staff know ahead of time so we can make special arrangements for you. Gloves are optional but MUST be disposable and washable. Garden, mechanics type gloves are not acceptable.

3. Arriving for Your Appointment: Our waiting rooms have changed to respect social distancing measures. We have allocated spots for you to stand or sit. Please stay outside in your car until 5 minutes before your appointment time. Unfortunately, extra-persons cannot be accommodated in the clinic. A single dependent, child or aid may accompany you if needed.

NOTE: Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment (not earlier) to help us ensure our best safety practices for all. Late/early persons may be turned away if our procedures cannot be maintained.
4. Upon Entering the Clinic: Please put on your mask prior to to entering the clinic. You will be asked to sanitize your hands, confirm that you have answered "no" to our screening questionnaire and directed to a wait station. We have marked one way traffic flow in the clinic, please follow this at all times.

5. Personal belongings and changing. Extra belongings must remain in your vehicle. Table surfaces have been removed from the clinic – if you bring in belongings or jackets they will have to be placed on the floor. Please change into appropriate clinic clothing BEFORE coming to the clinic.
6. Billing and Payments: It is ideal for us to gather your payment information over the phone so it can be entered into our secure online billing system. This allows our staff to bill for your appointment at its start without the need for using a payment terminal. If you are not comfortable with us having your payment information stored in our billing system, we will continue to accept VISA, Mastercard, Debit & Cash.
7. Booking Your Next Appointment(s): Due to our limited space in our clinic, we are asking clients to book their appointments with their therapist in their treatment room, over the phone with our front desk , OR preferably, you can book your appointments through our online booking system -
8. Treatment rooms will be sanitized thoroughly after each visit. To allow for extra cleaning we will be shortening all appointment times by a few minutes. We understand this is not ideal, but we believe it is a small sacrifice to ensure safety for everyone.




Screening Questionnaire:

  1. Are you experiencing cold, flu or COVID-19-like symptoms, even mild ones? Symptoms include: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache*, muscle aches*, fatigue* or loss of appetite.
    * we understand that these symptoms overlap with many physical/muscle ailments and therefore if these occur in isolation of other symptoms, please select the answer “NO”
    ⎕No      ⎕Yes

  2. Have you travelled to any countries outside Canada (including the United States) within the last 14 days?
    ⎕No      ⎕Yes

  3. Have you had any contact with individuals who have a confirmed or presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19?
    Note: This means you would have been contacted by your health authority’s public health team.
    ⎕No      ⎕Yes


Thank you and stay safe, 


Start Line Team