Concussion Rehab & Therapy
  1. What is a concussion?

    • A concussion is a brain injury which usually doesn't cause any external brain damage or internal bleeding.

    • The cells that make up the brain are essentially strained, banged or stretched.

    • Think about a puzzle where the pieces have been mixed up…

    • The actual structure of the brain itself isn’t injured, all the parts are still intact but the individual brain cells don’t work properly

    • It is considered a ‘functional injury’

    • How do concussions happen:

  2. A twisting, rotating or linear motion of the brain in the skull

  3. The brain bounces around the inside of the skull resulting in damage and injury to the individual cells

  4. You do not need to hit your head to have a concussion, this is a BIG misconception

  5. Forces can travel from other places in the body resulting in a concussion

  6. Most common signs or symptoms

  7. Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head, Nausea, Dizziness, Fogginess or feeling slowed down, Amnesia surrounding the traumatic event / Memory problems, Ringing in the ears, Temporary loss of consciousness, Vomiting, Slurred speech, Delayed response to questions, Double vision or other vision problems, Fatigue, “Seeing Stars”, Confusion

  1. Clinical assessment:

    • Neck, Vision, Inner ear and balance

  2. How can physio help

  3. Found out which systems are involved

  4. Help you retrain the involved systems

  5. Provided guidelines for return to –work, -sports, -school and exercise


  1. When should I start physio

    • Depends on severity

    • Usually around 3 weeks if not resolving quickly