Bracing and Orthotics



We offer assessment and prescription of orthopaedic braces for most injuries and conditions including: knee injuries (ligament instabilities, osteoarthritis, meniscus injuries), ankles (sprains, osteoarthritis), elbows (tennis elbow, contractures), wrists (tendinitis, carpal instabilities), thumbs (tendinitis, osteoarthritis), and lower backs.


Our braces are fitted and ordered based on your specific needs to ensure you have the right brace for your injury.

We prescribe only quality high end brands such as Donjoy & Bauerfiend



Our orthotics service is provided by Dr. Joanne Welham from Chiani Chiroproactic.

Orthotics can help reduce symptoms from the following conditions:

Over-pronation, medial knee pain, hip pain, back pain after running, uneven leg length, dropped metatarsal heads, heels spurs or sore spots on feet, bunions or enlarged 1st toe joints, shin splints.